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Extensive coverage of 3 day workshop (field exercises and classroom presentation) focused on rural road design, construction, maintenance and repair. Zeedyk's design principles allow the landscape to harvest water and avoid common negative 'impacts' of water runoff on poorly designed roads - resulting in a healthier landscape and requiring less on-going road maintenance and associated costs. The field exercises take place on rural roads in the oil fields of Northwest New Mexico with oil and gas industry participants, but the principles are applicable to almost any rural road constructed of natural native material.

Disc 1 covers fundamentals in classroom style with graphs, powerpoints, and photographs with live narrative by Zeedyk.

Disc 2 covers field exercises and discussions while participants implement and learn Zeedyk's proven techniques. Includes time lapse video of bulldozers and blades doing the work from start to finish.

$20.00 (includes applicable taxes and standard shipping).